A trademark can be an extremely important and an enduring asset for an entity. It is the source of identification of an entity in respect of its Goods/Services.

We strongly believe that the protection of a trademark is an essential asset for an entity and its longevity while enduring good fortune.

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  • All the Trademark attorneys are registered to practice at the High Court.
  • The attorneys and support staff will assist in pre-filing, searches (if necessary/requested to by clients). Such searches are forwarded to clients with a detailed opinion/analysis as to whether the proposed mark is available for adoption in India.
  • Once a trademark application is filed, the prosecution is handled with attention to detail.
  • All International applications filed through the Madrid Protocol designating India are also handled and represented with diligence.
  • All matters before the Trademark Registry including Hearings are handled and represented by an experienced team of professionals.
  • Opposition drafting, Evidence drafting, and proceedings before the Trademark Registry are handled.
  • Cancellation proceedings at the Registry.
  • Appeals from the Registry before the District Courts and respective High Courts are handled.
  • Drafting and representing Trademark Assignments and Trademark Licence Agreements including Registered User Agreements.


  • For filing a National trademark application, we require an executed Power of Attorney from the applicants. No notarization or legalisation is required.
  • User particulars of the subject mark in India. The approximate month and year of first use (if any); along with any supporting documentation. Alternatively, the application can be filed as “Proposed to be used”.
  • In the instance that priority is claimed, we require the Priority Document.



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